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Renewed Living Wellness

Renewed Living Wellness was a new business ready to take the big step, from trying to run everything through social media to launching a site that established their expertise and connected with the right audience. We built a clean, modern site that makes it easy for potential clients to compare her offerings and make a booking. The brand is the perfect balance of edgy - moody - breathable, reflecting her vibe and helping them stand out from the competition in the wellness space.

Scope of work

Branding, Website

“I just looked at my new site on my phone and it honestly made me tear up.

Thank you so much for helping me.

Lacey L.

the brand

The top 'burst' felt like a natural representation of that feeling of taking a breath, feeling lighter, and more connected. The line below is the grounding that comes with regular practice of this process. The result is simple, but balanced and meaningful.

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