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The Shop Catering

The Shop is an in store bakery, deli and full catering service based out of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. This is the second time Chef Jordyn Winzer has opened up a location, and our top priorities with this launch was to establish the quality of her products, but also to make running everything behind the scenes as smooth as possible - this woman is BUSY.

Scope of work

Branding, Website

the brand

The Shop originally started based out of a tire shop in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. We built an icon of a tire and crossbones with a fork and knife and she had it blown up and mounted on the wall - cool as heck. So as soon as we knew we were diving into a rebrand for her new shop opening, we knew the vibe was 'edgy floral'. if you know Chef Jordyn Guckert, you get it - this mark is her to a 'T'.

We didn't have a lot of photography at the start to do her delicious menus justice, so to build a cohesive presence throughout the brand we mixed a clean, fresh font and contrasting colours with these edgy floral elements, scattering them throughout the site as background marks to create a cohesive presence.

Looks Good, right?

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